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Module V - Cross-cutting factors analysis

5.1: Symposium on EU regional employment aspects, education and skills

5.2: Symposium on the role of finance

5.3: Symposium on industrial upgrading and competitiveness

5.4: Symposium on the role of research and innovation

5.5: Model analysis and design training for lifestyle and consumer choices

Seminar Module V (1): Case study on the carbon footprint of an average household in the EU.

Activity Module V (1): Analyze the private carbon footprint, how it impacts the general strategy of combatting climate change and what lifestyle choices individuals can make to lower their carbon footprint. Additionally, research how states incentivize individuals to make better, more environmentally-friendly choices in their day-to-day lives.

5.6: Report meeting on the international dimension, implications for the EU Long Term Strategy

5.7: Symposium on the interactions with other Sustainable Development Goals

5.8: Model analysis and design training for air pollution benefits from climate action

5.9: Program design training for Climate change and its impact, how to increase resilience and adaptation

Seminar Module V (2): Comprehensive analysis of factors that contribute to air pollution, its effects on human health and reduction measures.  Additionally, the relatively new phenomenon of airborn microplastics and their effect on health and the climate will be discussed.

Activity Module V (2): Research the healthcare costs associated with unmitigated air pollution.